Gene therapy – Donations and Dreams

Posted Monday October 31, 2016 by Melissa

Gene therapy – Donations and Dreams

We are proud to announce that Saving Case & Friends recently donated $150,000 to Nationwide Children’s Hospital to support the MPS II gene therapy work of Drs. McCarty and Fu. This donation was part of a coalition of foundations that in total donated $200,000 to support the next phase of moving the research toward human clinical trials.

We are incredibly thankful to our donors – friends, families, and even strangers, from little children, siblings, parents, to grandparents, who make our work possible.

The next steps of fundraising and research funding will require even more concerted efforts – over $2 million is needed to bring the research to a full human clinical trial. We will be reaching out soon to gather support for our future efforts. Thank you so much for your donations and efforts so far to help save this generation of boys with Hunter Syndrome!

More more information, check out the press release below (click on it for options to share and see additional photos):

Press Release - SC&F Nationwide donation

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