Help Project ALIVE win a People’s Telly!

Posted Monday February 08, 2016 by Melissa

Help Project ALIVE win a People’s Telly!

Our Project Alive video is up for a People’s Telly award and we need your VOTE! This is an opportunity to share our effort with a whole new audience, raising awareness and funds for Hunter Syndrome and rare diseases with a broader community!

It’s easy, just follow the following steps!

Some of the steps are repetitive, but following each step is how your vote will get counted.


The Project Alive image on the People’s Telly website

1.      Go to to vote for Project Alive in the Commercials category. (It might take a moment to load)

2.     Give it 5 STARS (click on the star to the right underneath the video). Your vote is NOT yet counted. You must register.

3.     Login with your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ account, OR click “Register” to create an account with your e-mail address

        a.     Using Facebook, click “okay”; Twitter, click “authorize app”; Google+, click “allow”

        b.     If you create an account with e-mail, enter your name, e-mail address, and a password, and click submit.




4.     After reloading (it may take a bit), you probably will need to cut and paste this link back into your browser – – OR click “Category” then “Commerical or Mktg Piece” and click on the Project Alive video image that is shown above.

5.     Give it 5 STARS (click on the star to the right underneath the video). Make sure it says “Rated!”

6.     SHARE with others, asking them to give the Project Alive video 5 stars!

7.     Rate the video with each of your social media accounts! We have only 4 weeks to get the most and best rating for Project Alive!


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