What Scares Me Most at Halloween

Posted Friday October 30, 2015 by Melissa

What Scares Me Most at Halloween


Some people are scared of characters like Michael Myers in Halloween. Or the ghostface in Scream.

Some people are scared of the dark.

Or creepy people.

Some parents of kids with special needs are scared of how their children might be treated while trick-or-treating.

I’m scared of this.


My son’s back

I’m scared of my son’s cerebrospinal fluid bursting out of his back.

I’m scared of him missing a dose of the medication that helps his brain remember WHO I AM.

I’m scared of losing him.

I’m scared of losing my friends’ children.

I’m scared of my friends losing their children.

And this kind of Halloween exists all year round.

Last Halloween, my oldest son asked me if he could buy a grim reaper costume.

“No,” I replied.

Death already stalks us way too much.

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