#Ask100Patients – Our Latest Initiative

Posted Monday October 19, 2015 by Melissa

#Ask100Patients – Our Latest Initiative

The notion of patient centricity has grown in buzz factor over the last several years. In fact, today, our President Melissa Hogan is co-chairing the Patient-Centered Clinical Trials conference in Philadephia. But patient centricity does not necessarily require patient engagement and involvement. The better practice is patient partnership.

To that end, we are announcing our latest initiative to support the design of smarter clinical trials by partnering with patients – #Ask100Patients.

We challenge sponsors of clinical trials, whether they are biotechs, pharmaceutical companies, or academics to engage patients in the design of their research before launch of a clinical trial.

ASK them questions like…

  • How could our clinical trial be better?
  • How could our clinical trial enroll more patients?
  • How could our measures better capture the impact of treatment?
  • What endpoints impact your daily life?
  • What burdens might prevent patients from enrolling in a clinical trial?

The answers to these questions will be different for each disease and even each population within a disease.

Let’s have the conversation.


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