To the Child Who Says Hello

Posted Friday March 20, 2015 by Melissa

To the Child Who Says Hello

Case at schoolEveryday I walk my son into school.

Sometimes I’m running to catch up with him, sometimes he reaches for my hand and we look like any “normal” parent and child walking into school.

He’s often talking about seeing his friend Jamie or his aide Sara. Sometimes he’s singing Barney.

And sometimes, a child in front of us turns and looks over his shoulder and says,

Quotation-Marks       Hi Case!      Quotation-Marks-end

That little child will never fully understand what that means to me.

Those words mean




So parents, please talk to your children about the unique and special kids who they may meet in school. Talk to them about difference, the value of difference, the role of each of us in our community, whether our contributions are considered by society to be great or small, because society is not always right.

And about the importance of little acts of kindness. To children with or without special needs.

Because even a “hi” can make a difference.

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