Storify on Venture Philanthropy – Greed or Game Changer

Posted Wednesday January 07, 2015 by Melissa

One of my favorite ways to engage on all things rare disease is on Twitter. It’s as easy as typing in a hashtag (#) of your interest – for me #raredisease. My Twitter profile looks something like this:

Meet Case – he has / . Find me on , , , , , , , . Living a miracle.

So this morning, when I saw what appeared to be an interesting New York Times op-ed about rare disease, I rushed to read it.

Storify-VPOnly to find that it was misinformed drivel. But misinformed drivel can perpetuate itself unless our community gives our perspective.

So after engaging on Twitter, I gathered a Storify that summarizes the discussion and shows why these types of articles are dangerous to our cause of finding and funding cures for rare disease. I would love your thoughts in the comments below or on the storify itself.


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