Thoughts and Thanks on the Director’s Award

Posted Saturday December 20, 2014 by Melissa

Last night I was incredibly honored to receive the Director’s Award from the National MPS Society at the 28th Annual Family Conference. Barb Wedehase, the society’s Executive Director, offered such kind words in her presentation of the award.

In such circumstances, one fully expects to stand and thank those who gave the award and say a few words. But like our MPS world, circumstances sometimes call for redirection – Case decided that the award was for him too and he followed me to the stage.

Now anyone who knows Case knows that he likes nothing better than a stage and a microphone. So, instead of having the mic ripped from my hands for a moving rendition of Barney’s sing-a-long, I opted to give gracious hugs and nod my thanks at the time and usher my wannabe performer back to our seats.

But I couldn’t let it rest without somehow expressing my thoughts and thanks on the award. So here we are. After the performer is asleep.

I want to thank the Society for such an honor. I feel it undeserved because I am just a mom. I just want to save kids. And I just want to help. That’s really all there is to it.

Director's AwardWe all come to MPS with a different set of skills and different experiences. All we are called to do is use those gifts to the best of our abilities for the good of the community. So many parents are doing this very thing every day, selflessly, without recognition, and with gracious hearts.

So really, this is for them. None of us are strong on this MPS journey without the web of support that we’ve woven in this community. That is equally true for me and I’m thankful for it every day.

I couldn’t live the MPS life I live without Jamie, Deb, and Sarah and their inspiring children.

I couldn’t have survived this conference without the Beams, the Yards, the Dearths, the Hursts, and countless others who helped in small and big ways that they may not even realize.

I couldn’t advocate effectively without the gift of a relatively healthy and stable son that I’ve been given from Shire and Dr. Muenzer.

I couldn’t have enough hope, time, energy, or funds without an amazingly supportive husband and the mercies of a loving God. To whom much is given, much is required.

No one asked for an MPS life. But yet here we are.

I just want to give it everything I have and be able to say that I lived fearlessly, loved fiercely, and laughed fully. That is enough for me.

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2 Responses to “Thoughts and Thanks on the Director’s Award”

  1. Melissa,
    Congratulations. You are so right that everyone uses their skills to the best of their abilities- I do believe we all do the best we can. Every MPS parent deserves an award. What I am glad the Society recognized, is how much you have added to and changed the MPS community: families/pharma/service providers… you are tireless and work so darned hard for our kids every day, you truly do amaze me and sometimes we just need that recognition to keep on trucking along. You do deserve it!!
    With so so much gratitude and love,

  2. There is no other person who deserves such award. No other! Over the years I continue to watch you sacrifice so much for our children. Pulled here, thrown there and sometimes even yanked and you never utter a word of complaint. (Well maybe the Disney cargo ferry lol).
    May it be behind the scenes or at front line it’s had been an honor to witness and sometimes be a part of your work. Thank you humbly. xxoo