Why did I wear the beads?

Posted Saturday September 13, 2014 by Melissa

I’ve had several people comment about the beautiful blue beads I’ve worn around my wrist each day at the Global Genes patient advocacy summit.

IMG_5605-0.JPGI doubt they considered that they were anything other than a cute fashion accessory or maybe even an allusion to the blue that we weave throughout this conference.

However, they’d be wrong.

The significance of these beads lies in the following:

  • They are blue.
  • They look very much alike, but when you look closer they’re each very unique.
  • They’re connected.
  • They depend upon each other to comprise the entire strand.
  • I think each and every one is uniquely beautiful.
  • They’re fragile in themselves, yet strong when maintained together.

These beads are our boys.

I wanted to never forget why I’m sitting here. Why I strive for awareness. For treatments. For compassion. For understanding. For pharma companies that are about more than just the dollar.

When I felt challenged, I looked at our boys.

When I felt discouraged, I looked for their beauty.

When I felt tired, I looked for their strength.

When I felt distracted, I felt their reminder.

All I want to do is save kids.


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