Embracing Medical Care

Posted Friday November 08, 2013 by Melissa

If you haven’t seen this great video yet, you need to. If only all doctors and nurses understood the emotional need for patients to “embrace” their care – something that can’t be done with clinical detachment.

As I did, you may have observed that everyone in the OR seems to be a woman. Over the course of regular and intense medical treatments, not surprisingly, I’ve observed that female health care practitioners tend to be more open to emotional displays and connecting with patients on an emotional level. That’s not to say that it’s true across the board or that there aren’t male doctors who are wonderful at this too.

I just ponder how this scene might have been different were it all male, or a mixed male-female OR team.

The only reason I pose that question is for the follow up – why would it be different? And how can we make it better for all patients, whether the health care practitioners are male, female, reserved, expressive, etc.? All patients should be encouraged and involved in embracing their health care in whatever way is best for that individual patient.

For some, it may be a flash mob.

For Case, it is the entire team singing “You Are My Sunshine.”


How can your child’s health care team best help him/her embrace their needed care?

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