Intrathecal Trial Update – “Jeep for me!”

Posted Thursday June 13, 2013 by Melissa

I stopped making notes of all the new things Case could do, what was that? Two years ago? Hard to believe it’s been this long. But every so often there are these lightening bolts that just shout, “I have to write that down!”

jeepOur older two boys have always played this game where they count Jeeps throughout the day. Our family operates by a complex set of rules as to what truly counts as a legitimate Jeep. Hard top? You’re good. A Jeep-branded SUV? Sorry about your luck.

And trust me, we know where every Jeep is normally parked between our home and … basically any destination we frequent – school, church, the grocery store, the baseball field, you name it, but they can’t “call” it ’til they see it. Seeing one on the highway is where you score the real points. Oh, and a Jeep dealership can basically make your day.

So a high-pitched scream of “JEEP FOR ME!!!” can often be heard in my van, at an octave and volume so ear-splitting that it almost sends me careening directly into said Jeep.

Case has often repeated the boys’ claims for Jeeps. “Jeep for me!” he says, echoing one brother. Said brother then promptly begins to argue that Case can’t claim it too as I roll my eyes in the rearview mirror and once again remind them that he’s repeating them.

But this week…. Well, this week, Case decided that he could play too.

There was no repeating. It was a full on, independent awareness and claiming of “JEEP FOR ME!!!” Several times over.

I think his brothers were a little shell-shocked when their baby brother got the jump on them and claimed a Jeep one lane over and two cars back. I think Case actually won today.

So to all of you Jeep-owners, thank you for giving me a visual reminder of my son’s miracle. To David Adams specifically, thanks for letting us borrow your Jeep a while back, the boys claimed it all day long.

And to everyone, in honor of Case, claim a “Jeep for me!” when you see one tomorrow.

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