Rare Disease, Rick Guidotti, and Redefining Beauty

Posted Monday June 10, 2013 by Melissa

Rick photographing Case for the Hunter in Focus exhibit

Rick photographing Case at our house for the Hunter in Focus exhibit

I’ve mentioned before the amazing work of Rick Guidotti and the Positive Exposure team. He was responsible for the Hunter in Focus exhibit that has now been shown in several countries around the world as well as in several states here in the U.S. This past weekend, Rick was featured on Rock Center with Brian Williams and I didn’t want it to pass by your notice.

One of my favorite clips was of Rick speaking at a medical school and he said, “It’s not what you’re treating, it’s who you’re treating,” trying to get new docs to understand that their future patients were so much more than a diagnosis, be it a rare or more common one.

I’m also very excited about his project that creates videos about diseases in the patients’ own words. That is the future of medical education in the world of the empowered patient.

Rick will also be featured in the upcoming documentary On Beauty. Watch this trailer and you’ll see why I’m excited about it.

You can watch the Rock Center segment below or watch it as well as view pictures of many more of Rick’s subject at the Rock Center website:

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