A Boy and His Boots

Posted Monday April 01, 2013 by Melissa

20130401-131557.jpgMost little boys want to be a cowboy. Woody, from Disney’s Toy Story, is the ultimate hero. And so now it is with Case. In this way, as in so many others as of late, he’s just like almost every other little boy.

Walking around downtown Gatlinburg during spring break, we came upon a boot store. As we looked around, there it was.

Woody’s hat.

Case was so happy when we put it on his head and said he could get it. But that’s where the “typical boy” kicked in.

“Mommy, can you find some boots for me? Please?”

Well… I hadn’t planned on it, but there we were, pulling out all the stops to find cowboy boots for a boy who, without miraculous intervention, wouldn’t have known what they were and couldn’t have asked for them.

20130401-124704.jpgAnd when we walked out of the store, boot box in hand, hardly an hour would go by for the next 36 hours where he did not ask about or comment on his boots.

He wore them in the hotel. He wore them with his pajamas (picture!). He wore them in the car. He kissed them.

He wants to wear his beloved boots to the hospital to show them to Dr. Muenzer.

My beloved little cowboy.


One Response to “A Boy and His Boots”

  1. Awesome and wonderful. I wonder how much more money we, as parents to children with a progressive difference, spend than an average parent. Not only on medical supplies and travel for clinical trial etc., but on special items because we are aware of just how precious each moment is. Have you seen Trey yet? He is waiting for you!! And he LOVES cowboy boots. 🙂