The Difference: Parents vs. Big Pharma

Posted Friday March 08, 2013 by Melissa

What is the difference between parents and big pharma? Is it money? Bureaucracy? Cold heartedness?


Well, okay, maybe money, and some bureaucracy to be sure.

But a cold heart is a human quality.

And to be sure, whether its big pharma, little pharma, biotech, or academia, they are all only made up of people like you and me. And people that are likely parents, I would venture to say.

So the difference? Parents vs. Parents?

Perspective. Life is all about perspective.

When you have a child who is dying, it is difficult to escape that perspective. It is a lens that is often cloudy, not rosy, and such parents are willing to do almost anything to help their child, their friends’ children.

shameonjnjSuch is the case with the social media campaign involving Janssen / Johnson & Johnson and Elmiron.

If you’ve been following my tweets, read the last post on this blog, or otherwise read anything about the #shameonjnj controversy, then you’ll understand the story behind my article, Virtual zeal: rare disease caregivers carry a powerful voice in social media, published today on PharmaPhorum. It begins:

The equivalent of a modern day megaphone, telephone, and printing press combined, social media showcases its power in no more passionate an arena than in rare disease.

While we as parents were willing to write letters, garner support, tweet, rant, and collectively shout our virtual voices out, I hope that what we did in the end was simply to connect our passion for helping our children with that same parental instinct that lives in those parents who just happen to work for J&J.

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