A Social Media Chasm Between Providers and Patients

Posted Tuesday October 16, 2012 by Melissa

Mayo Clinic Social Media Residency – Day 1 Recap


A chasm. That is what I see.
A giant chasm between you and me.
We write, we speak, we fight for their lives,
But many see it as a fun exercise.

In futility maybe.
Or plain crazy.

But in our world it is life
And sometimes death.
It is my child and her child
And their very breath.

It is finding good doctors
And wheelchairs too.
And sharing their victories
Although they are few.

It is funding and meds
Handicapped beds,
Therapy, chewies
And more left unsaid.

So for those who think
Twitter is just for fun,
And Pinterest might seem
For the moms on the run,

We ask you to find us
And listen sometime,
Because patients and carers
Are living online.


I learned several things today

  1. Mayo Clinic seems to be on the cutting edge of social media in health care organizations.
  2. Even so, the comfort and knowledge of social media has not penetrated systematically in the organization. Many attendees were Mayo Clinic employees themselves and I applaud their interest in learning more.
  3. If Mayo Clinic is the leader, where is the rest of health care? And where is pharma?
  4. A speaker described an instance where social media allowed a specific medical practice to advance in its acceptance and clinical penetration in 2 years versus the average 17 years historically.
  5. In contrast, I think that social media in health care might take 17 years to advance in its acceptance and clinical penetration.
  6. But I hope not.

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