A Reckless Love

Posted Monday June 25, 2012 by Melissa

Jamie and Jack

Special needs children teach you many things, but one of the greatest lessons is to love.

To love with abandon. To recklessly love them and give all of yourself to them.

Children in general teach you that, but with the daily risks, challenges, and heartache that often come with a special needs child, specifically an MPS child, you learn that a reckless love is a great love.

Jamie and JackI have a friend. She was my first “MPS” friend and she has been with me through the thick and the very thin threads.

We have sat in the pit together. The dark place. It’s not a fun place.

But eventually we came up for air and laughed.

Fridays are our days. We talk on Fridays. If we miss a Friday, I feel the hole and I know that the next time we talk, it will certainly need to be hours.

But we are on different journeys right now, as are so many families with MPS in its different forms, treatments, and associated problems.

She is a great mom and she is giving up the place she knows, the house, the street, the schools, the job, …. the comfort … to help her son. They are moving from Denver to Chicago to be near a specific doctor. Would it be that we’d all love with such reckless abandon.

I am reminded of that love, and of my friend Jamie, with this story and song. You need to watch this.

And make sure you love with a reckless love.

Listen to the song All of Me or if you can’t see the player above, watch the video about the story behind the song.

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