Ebook Calmer is now available!

Posted Tuesday April 03, 2012 by Melissa

Calmer on Amazon

Today is the early release date of my ebook, Calmer: Medical Events with Cognitively Impaired Children, on Smashwords and Amazon Kindle! On Smashwords, you can preview 20% of the book and it offers many different viewing formats suitable for most e-readers. It will also be available on iTunes, Nook, Sony, and other digital venues very soon as well. Hopefully you’ll find it worthwhile to pick up a copy and review it (favorably, I hope!) on the venue from which you purchased it.

Thank you so much to all my family, friends, and MPS family who have expressed their support and excitement at this new project. It has been a labor of love this past year as we’ve had reason to refine all of these strategies in connection with all of the visits associated with the clinical trial.

I have some more exciting events to report later this week, but for now, I’ll enjoy the release!

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