Just keep swimming…

Posted Friday October 07, 2011 by Melissa


Dori is my muse today. Head down, plow ahead, just keep swimming…

DoriWe have several friends in various stages of the clinical trial and this life is just constantly full of wonderful things and not-so-wonderful things. We’ve written before about our friend Easton and recent posts by his mom Melissa can both just make your heart soar and then drop to the bottom of your shoes. I won’t steal her words, you can read for yourself, but the short version is that Easton is doing fantastic cognitively, but the sweet boy’s port is not working again. Read at least 3 posts down to get the full recent story about the ups and downs of this life, almost two years into this clinical trial, for this wonderful family.

Please keep them in your prayers as this is figured out, as well as all of our boys with this less-than-optimal device but wonderful drug.

Purcell familyOn the opposite end of this journey, another friend is just starting this marathon with us. His port surgery is today and for his mum to know that this device is going in, at the same time of reading Melissa’s post mentioned above, is more than a little disconcerting. You can follow his journey here.

But, with the goal of saving our children’s lives, we will all

just keep swimming… and sing while we’re at it.

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