Top 10 Tuesday: Top 10 Signs Your Son is in a Clinical Trial

Posted Tuesday April 19, 2011 by Melissa

Top 10

Top 10 Tuesday

Welcome to our first Top Ten Tuesday!

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The Top 10 signs that your son is in a clinical trial are…

#10   By the time you finally unpack and do laundry, you’re packing to fly out again.

#9     You “call ahead” to get the best space in the short stay unit at the hospital.

#8     You carry your own power strip with the computer cord, phone charger, and iPad cord already connected.

#7    You did your taxes in a hospital room.

#6    4 hours’ sleep a night is really pushing it.

#5    Your son has his own frequent flyer number and has already racked up free flights.

#4    You have several doctors on speed dial.

#3    You consider a “night out” to be getting pizza from the “better” cafeteria and watching a netflix movie in the hospital room after your child has gone to sleep.

#2    You think dry shampoo is one of the best inventions ever.

And the #1 way you know your son is participating in a clinical trial…

#1    You pull up in a different rental car each time, but the hospital valet staff greets you with a “Welcome back, Mrs. Hogan. Hope you enjoy your stay.”

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3 Responses to “Top 10 Tuesday: Top 10 Signs Your Son is in a Clinical Trial”

  1. Ah yes, I can relate to #1 and #2 from our frequent hospital stays for port infections…the entire valet team knows us and yes dry shampoo is ALWAYS packed in our hospital bag!

    • Peaches Marks // April 29, 2011 at 11:04 am

      Awe Milissa case’s site is so beautiful,just the image of the boy with the balloon that says hope brought me to tears,while I am waiting for Alan to finish him brain MRI.You and case are so wonderful,and I am so lucky to know you,Peace And Love from Peaches and Alan.

  2. The nurses and residents all know you even those not directly working with your study dr. (this goes along w/# 1)

    You meet the study animals in which the study drug was originally tested on/is tested on.

    You see this staff all more than you see most of if not all of your friends.

    When checking in at the airline the receptionist/airline folks all know you by name and ask how the study is going and you are doing.
    Take care,