Recreation Therapy, Case style

Posted Thursday March 31, 2011 by Melissa

Recreation Therapy

Being in a hospital for many days each month is almost enough to drive a child (or his mother) crazy, right? Especially when that child has issues with hyperactivity, attention span, proprioception, safety awareness, and his joints – and because of all these, has to be in a covered and enclosed crib unless closely supervised in his hospital room. If left to their own devices, some children might turn that bed into a trampoline (oh no, not Case!) or possibly a scene from King Kong with the sides being shaken and shouts echoing down the halls.

But the best moments of the day are the times when the recreation therapy center is open. It may only be 11-12, 2-4, and 6-7, but those several hours are the highlight of Case’s days when he can fit time in between medical stuff. Wednesday is the best, because his calendar is penciled in with all 3 recreation therapy appointments. Here are some highlights of our Wednesday.

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4 Responses to “Recreation Therapy, Case style”

  1. Aah!! I will say it…I love you Case!! It looks like he really enjoyed his play time. We miss you guys! – but are so glad for you all to have this amazing opportunity. 🙂

  2. Dear Case, wish I was there to play “chef” in the kitchen with you…its my favorite! I can make a mean pretend cheeseburger! I hope your days are filled with smiles…wish I was there too :C Take care, Jack Teagan

    • Case says that Jack Jack can come over any time! He saw you playing with your cousins and he wanted to climb into the computer!

  3. […] although it has been renovated and changed a bit since then, you can see Case playing there in a previous post. It has limited hours (when we went, it was 11a-12p, 2-4p, and 6-7p), but it was worth planning […]