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Posted Sunday January 23, 2011 by Melissa


Welcome to www.savingcase.com, our website to tell Case’s story, raise awareness about Hunter Syndrome and other MPS conditions, and post updates about Case’s ongoing battle with this rare disease.

We have a website revamp in process that will include a blog update about Case (similar to his current caringbridge site, which will allow for e-mail registration for updates), so please click the box to “receive e-mail notifications” on his caringbridge site and we will post when this feature is up and running here. Please return often to see:

  • new and old videos and pictures of Case and other adorable Hunter boys;
  • updates on MPS research;
  • information about advocating for your MPS child;
  • forms for health care advocacy (e.g., medical necessity letter for CNA services);
  • examples of therapy items we’ve used.

If you want to understand the background story about Case and our family, please visit my personal blog at www.myunplannedson.com.

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